Love, Loss & What I Wore

Last week, I had the immense pleasure of directing and performing in Love, Loss & What I Wore by Delia and Nora Ephron as part of the First Night Honors/Sideshow Fringe Festival.  In this play built of 28 monologues and scenes, women of various voices reflect upon their lives through the remembrance of specific clothing.  All true stories collected by the Ephron sisters, these pieces highlight every woman’s individuality while reminding us how much we really do have in common.  This experience flooded me with memories, and over the course of the rehearsal process, my fellow performers and I gabbed, guffawed, and choked back tears reading these stories and sharing our own.  I was amazed at how this play could peel back our social masks and unite a group so quickly.  I learned so much about the human spirit, as I always do working in this field.  It was a good reminder, too, in the power of sisterhood.  I don’t have any real sisters, but in a way, I do.

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